#497. tis the season

December 7, 2011

ran some errands today
endured the noise 
christmas crowds push
they seemed tired
this odd warm angry year
does not matter
walking through the door
when you smile up
at me and the dog runs up
for her belly rubs

vast sun drenched reaches
of oil soaked sea
filled with tightening death
which sounds our species’ dirge.

shout microbes!
shriek reeds!
scream humans!
stink corpses!

do you feel the pain?
a disturbance in the force?
will it wake us up?

#289. gulf poem

June 10, 2010

is a close thing
intimate and wild
calmly alone
the osprey

your hand scraped
shark teeth out of the sand
glistening in the sun

memory gone from delight
to sadness
and anger

#264. drill baby kill

May 16, 2010

drill baby drill
kill baby kill

if time flowed backwards
then maybe you would see
how like the ocean
all life is to be
if time stayed still
then i think you would see
how saving the gulf
would bring life to thee
but time seems to flow forward
and it doesnt matter what you see
we kill our selves
when we kill the sea

drill baby drill
kill baby kill

#190. memory house

March 3, 2010

anger’s page again
with a friend
a turning
of the leaves
in lives shared
which matters
in a way we never expected
at the beginning
high on a hill
building this house

i wonder where mallory is tonight

#94. No Matter

November 27, 2009

No Matter

the cobwebs               spider groceries
all return to the corners
of the basement
my apartment
that blacks out with me
and smiles at the thought of you
also constricts
my urge to scream
and tear away
this veil of conformity.

#68. Compulsed I

November 1, 2009

Compulsed I

sea chain food chain brain chain dna chain
smallest krill to largest whale man.
Embarrassed to be going after
the tiniest crumbs of affection
dropped from all your pity chain
table smiles.
Notice is what I need
to know
compulsed alive I.

#52. Pale Blue

October 16, 2009

Pale blue
and blue
the nylon shag
under the piano
my father’s rage explodes
on my brother
thank god
its my brother.

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