#431. it’s elementary

November 13, 2010

i am learning 
great days
pigments thick on my fingers
ancient childs brushes alive
grey canvas
all opening up

#359. making silence echo

August 19, 2010

making silence echo

restrained hesitation just before
the next tango step
light jingling through ice cubes
a hundred glasses
raised in hot sharp conversations
are taken outside
to the ancient cobblestone streets
the humid night
bright eyes then hands lips bodies
making silence echo

#300. harbor reach

June 21, 2010

out in the harbor
the noise recedes
fades into the ancient
sounds of wind on sails
water slapping the hull
time is changed
my spirit lifts in the breeze

tension punctured
drops ripples and gone
time uncounted
music ensphered
water engaged
by pebble rock
and stone

turn your face
up towards the clouds
feel the new rain
ancient oceans

#214. guest room

March 27, 2010

tired and sleep escapes me
eyes that know no rest
life in ancient times
mind memory
space time

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