#141. Age & Acid

January 13, 2010

twenty minutes.
Endless night. Old man on
the corner. Silent winter ends
in light.

Mostly America
doesn’t comb its hair
in the morning.

on the wave
slipping below
the line.

we applaud
that which has just passed
to extend the moment
that was.

the unborn ghosts
of time ensphere us
making us late
when we show up early.

the thing
about bubbles
is that they almost never
always last.

confined by time
we are liberated by the power
of the moment.

break the ice
on the surface of the water trough.
the goat
is thirsty this morning
and the horses in the barn
don’t want to share.

this snow pea weather
snaps my amygdala
across time

i am wide eyed

staring up through ice
at grey beard me

Sacrifice For A Dancer’s 42nd(because she wanted yeats

as you say
love is sacrifice
then I would sacrifice
any chance at loving life
with you
to give you that Gift
and this poem
at your desire!

The child glowing, grows there
From the life, grass mown green.
She steps lightly on her
Circuits round. Escaping nothing
She gains her youth.

A man, stranger to her
Offers her the Lead. Shy
Away or Forwards. Gently
And happily or sadly
Grow a dancer.

Will we
go home with fleshy petals
and you watching
over and through me
like all the growing
of pollen golden
flowing over
the tidal line
life and more life.

#23. TimePrayer

September 18, 2009

The years are fast and
I am moving towards dust
The perfect bride
Entering my house
After the long week
Now gone candle soft
Burning down
To rest
No prayer needed
Just prayer

#15. Weekly

September 11, 2009


watching young women
laughing even
frowning over newspaper.
They melt forward in time
to luminous age
still life active
backwards sculpture
reverse rodin.

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