coming on 
age doesnt visit
it jumps upon me erupting
skin cracking dreams interrupting me
breath tickling heart hard to hard to see 
sprouting white nose hairs plucking them out
vanity keeps hoping for surfaces to keep me safe
from my thoughts of that frightened ancient child me
still life moves

#463. weathered

March 10, 2011

i am walking 
along the river
gone down again
to the sweet wrack 
and wreck of beauty 
and water raining upon 
my brown hat gone grey 
as my hair is going into the
new strength of my daily age 

who cares about the aches and pains
moving fast towards new rivers

#445. poetaph

December 7, 2010

old warrior
turned his battles
into poems
a legacy of beauty
from raw truths
moving in
time with the Endless.

#363. it got so

August 23, 2010

work again

thought so
so it got so


how did
it get so



#361. working man

August 21, 2010

saw a young friend
grow old tonight
the spark in his eye
dimmed swagger
gone i want to weep

for who

with the light
of the young all around
the darkness
still makes itself known

time crawling
from the birth of mind
then speeding
through immortal years

and exploding
as the endless becomes
so apparent
and rest approaches

with the light
of wisdom all around
the darkness
becomes beloved known

#288. horizon

June 9, 2010

age is my ever changing adventure
confusing my words deep in the night
the impatient slap and surge of the east
river’s musical journey through the arches
of brooklyn bridge helps me to sweet sleep

#276. nap too

May 28, 2010

waves of space time
changing my beliefs
restoring my old
clear dreams
my mind gone
blown away
gone for

sometimes answers
question without asking
and i am able to rest

#273. nap

May 25, 2010

aging making
room for those
i will never know
how the cycles bring
me hope and connection
between my heart and head

sometimes questions
answer me without asking
and i am able to rest

#160. untitled angst

February 1, 2010

how life goes
from time to
is biology babe

creaky and tired-eyed
cranky old wolf tonight

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