Th woman
as paint
the pure lines of body
breast hip navel.
the pure lines of face
cheek nose eye.

all colors change sparkles
all colors real


i sing angel with iggy pop
yr loveslaps

i dance naked.

later we fuck beautiful.
sweat is the endless sea.


Th woman
as man
i’m not pushing
or pulling yr rib.

i kiss yr hand.


The closed world of us in a car
at night.
dense and sweet against
the bitter chocolate world.
Touch the cold windshield
turned to ice.

Wake to morning thunder.

Th woman
over now.

#187. Th Woman (more)

February 28, 2010

Th woman
as sleep
opened twice
lips lips & dreams.

full silk slip

as sleep
awake enough love
and now slick time.



knows falling
shoot high anyway
gets me thru
the other side of the world.


Th woman
as song no song
has music or rhythm enough
for yr blaze of spirit
red and yellow
as yr little hairs.


is a space on her bed
i can sometimes use
if i tongue her

touch her shoulder
she asleaping
me trying to.

# 168 Th Woman (more)

February 9, 2010

Th woman
as body
electric thread
hair to bury head thoughts
knees dimpled and flexible
on round legs
breasts soft
enough to sleep
pillowed one larger than the other
eyes are gold tho blue
sometimes green
a fine bottom
foundation to blend back
to back and neckline       (child soft
gone to groin to earth
sex lips twist
of lemon
O honey!
caressed to be known neverknown
as body.


she fades.
no secret
any more.

#161. Th Woman (more)

February 2, 2010

Th woman
whose heat
whose heartbeat.    as close as her
being doing something soft
the best now.


missing to.
gone to work
it out.


Th woman
has warmth
a breakfast to make strength
of toast and coffee.
a whole day


as dreamed
to find the way of workplay
the song and color

as dreamed        desire
as dream        work
as dreamt         flower
as dreamer         th woman.

#158 Th Woman (more)

January 30, 2010

Th woman
to curl cool
nourish plant poet wolf

the red rises flaunts
her stuff passion
as flame

as soil
city bred heavy
as the fine reggae bass

turns all fantasy sails
into elementals
as air


curve into lust
a round
lust oil
desire finds the sun
tan worlds.

#145. Th Woman (more)

January 17, 2010

Th woman
is a windowpane
slowly melting down.
a liquid

receive essence of i.
taste yr taste.


on the telephone.
her voice.
tinglecalls me.
makes me.

#144. Th Woman (more)

January 16, 2010

Th woman
as imagination
penetrates deep
all the thoughts and actions
of lust depth.
of all wakeful and visionary.
the shutter clicks
depth of all.


as sleep
the body flow upon me
lips pressed open.

the light of it.

#143. Th Woman (for Lo

January 15, 2010

Th Woman (for Lo

a new solution
lace and stone
smooth delicate
and tough
as the world

come to know. to fly.
come to come.

as naked lover
where can we go in the chase?

awkward movement
dance awkward
slow dance trance.

deal the drink
drive to the arms!

no damn cure no dumb pain.

feeling clumsy, can see everyone
with there show clothes off.
all the people going to painted pants
and lacquered moans, home.

cover yr eyes
and make you.

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