I am using this blog for a number of purposes. The main one is to be involved in my own poetry on a daily basis. Hopefuly this will stimulate me to write more new lines.

Another purpose is to get the reams of poetry that I have written over the years into digital form. Almost all of my poetry is still on ‘talking leaves’.

Yet another reason is to start sharing my poems with others; taking chances. Listening to my friends who think people might get something out of reading them(and others who think that feedback would be useful to me).

It’s The Finginning. The Finish and The Beginning of The Cycle. Always Now!

So here goes…

14 Responses to “About Zevstar’s Blog”

  1. ~otto~ said

    Or maybe it’s the beginish


  2. zevstar said

    p’raps. i had thought of beginish but the finginning just resonates more strongly for me

  3. thecatsman said

    Well however you care to say it sounds like a good idea to me…

  4. namelessneed said

    A fine collection, yrs is a site I’ll return to
    keep on

  5. hames1977 said


    this is the first page i am reading after the home page. and from what i see, i think, your poetry is wonderfully crafted. i hope to read as much, faster, to have a better grasp of your poetic voice.
    for now, i just dig deeper into your past archives.

    hames here.

  6. I started my blog for the same reason. To have one central location for collection of bindings I have with my work scattered within them. I have read some of your works and look forward to reading more from you.

  7. I’ve started on wordpress for similar reasons. It is also starting to become hard to keep up with 200 poems scattered everywhere. I needed to centralize.

  8. Chloe said

    Seems like many of us started out blogging for the same reason.

    I’ve personally found that having a blog has added an extra dimension of support and community; plus I feel my writing is slowly improving. For me, that’s been the most rewarding thing ever because I have wanted to write for a LONG time!!

    Chloe 😀

  9. Yumatzuga said

    This is good reading

    Thanks for writing
    Thanks for sharing
    Thank you for existing


  10. Rich said

    Getting back on your blog after an absence since last June!

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