#531. the misfits

January 28, 2012

been looking for that girl all my life
captured pixels twisted from
digital celluloid
remind me
and i am young

#530. to wake

January 23, 2012

in dreams colors
spark to red spirit
floats above your bed
life regathers all its power
strength returns and so does wonder
open your eyes
and breath
your fire

#529. walk before bed

January 20, 2012

off season
the river and the moon
paint me in night in chill wind chime
out on the pier thrusts my walking mind
upon the harbor one ghost sail raised for home
the planks the pilings the broken tangled gear weathered 
seen off through gathering fog by myself and the golden hound

#528. afterglowing

January 17, 2012

cast twilight as an hour and inspiration withers time
embrace twilight as the change it is and inspiration knows no temporal limit
the little death has passed and he feels again the pressure of thought
she still holds the languid wave of him within her needing no more
writing the muse is the seduction of addiction telling beauty

telling beauty 
all believe 
do not

quoting screams
indeed the rape of dream
torn humans shredded lives
over lies 
is not god
country is not god
thou art god

#526. transit

January 6, 2012

the wind turns the river dark
holding hands on the graceful bridge
stone you fly and bring our shores together
vigilant brooklyn heights manhattan shines beside thee

you and i ride
hold our bags
a pearl
around on
the winter
subway floor

#525. kokoru

January 5, 2012

imagine on mud made beach
voices of human birds
devolution body songs
ash returning to life oceans
pearl shell and shimmer
fish fighting with wind
cast about for tenderness

#524. caucus

January 4, 2012

local science
political silence roaring
what is your favorite color
how have you hidden your fear
hold that jewel towards the light
return the smile the night is coming
are you occupied or are you occupying?

#523. please

January 4, 2012

help blog poet friends
i need your help
i am working on
a collection
with my 
would you share your favorites with me?

#522. mid midnight

January 1, 2012

what is new
and what is old
in the eternal pause
of this daily rice and salt
happy some year this year

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