#502. emily dickinson on a bright day in manhattan

December 12, 2011

a recipe in her own hand for cocoanut cake
i could sure go for some fresh poet cake
bake me a cocoanut cake emily

the words are so familiar 
flour eggs cocoanut cream of tartar 
butter sugar milk makes one half the rule

i can bake the cake but not taste yours 
but reading  your poems i taste
your words mind voice

i can live with that
on a bright day 
in manhattan

4 Responses to “#502. emily dickinson on a bright day in manhattan”

  1. Love this one… (love that it’s about poet cake…)

  2. ebbtide said

    funnily enough, currently reading her letters… full of wonderful bits of whimsy 🙂

    • zevstar said

      was at a poetry workshop with anne waldman this weekend. it was at the poets house over looking the hudson estuary. they are currently featuring ED and have some original hand written pages on display including this, the only known surviving recipe of hers. she was known as a great baker in her day and community! this recipe was all stained from use too!

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