#501. winged sapphire (for linda

December 11, 2011

sent looking
i found the willow
and the growing wheat
the strong broad stream
filled with muscular shiny creatures
ready to leap out of the water out of the depths
to start the fire on the muddy banks of the holy ordinary

left-handed her smile foreshadows adventures awaiting
continuing down the long ancient intent dream
to unknown harvests and long leaves
guiding us on the waters
capturing the words
for us to know who
that heart is

3 Responses to “#501. winged sapphire (for linda”

  1. Linda Kleinbub said

    Truly touching
    I am moved.

  2. I love the “holy ordinary”…

  3. Evelyn said

    “muddy banks of the holy ordinary”
    Woohoo. Yes. Jealous I didn’t write it.

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