#493. private lothlorien

December 3, 2011

sun in my face
crispy leaf space
brown hounds share it with me
there is the path
say yes and walk

listen creek water 
stones  and deep roots
join up clearly and sing
there by the path
late afternoon

air flying south
geese honking call
past the pale winter moon
there on the path
shadows go deep

lights flick alive
weave thru evergreens
up down familiar hills
there with the path
dogs lead me home

3 Responses to “#493. private lothlorien”

  1. slpmartin said

    What beautiful images presented in the poem…really enjoyed it.

  2. This is wonderful.

    The imagery is beautiful (as mentioned), as is the use of colour and the poem reads very well.

    Excellent work.

  3. Evelyn said

    “crispy leaf space”
    this is a delicious line to say.
    like biting fresh herbs

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