#483. tears to come

October 27, 2011

tears to come set sail
when october cries with her wind in the rigging
the stillness of time becomes apparent
leaves become the signal
flags letting storms 
of snow to come
know why it is
that we wait 

6 Responses to “#483. tears to come”

  1. Lovely…October is very special to me. Nice to see you over from FB at Willow Manor…

  2. Evelyn said

    sometimes when I read you, I wonder why I bother to write.
    still in love with your words that seem to know the truth.

  3. slpmartin said

    As the first snow storm heads that way…it seems so appropriate and I just love the imagery you’ve provided.

  4. Sara said

    Beauty in your words. Now that you tucked your sails away – the wind howls. Sigh!

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