#458. pittsburgh (for evvie

February 10, 2011

sometimes man its the poem not the poet 
time counts up the years and down
meeting space too is sacred water

sometimes man the grey rivers are so cold
and where they meet they are Oh Cold
meeting and roiling new waters

sometimes man february is a song for spring
snow and ice singing on the rivers
helping a child to the morning

sometimes man the function follows form
space and form following functioning
warmth following spring and cold

2 Responses to “#458. pittsburgh (for evvie”

  1. hames1977 said

    hi zevstar,

    hmmm, quite interesting poem here, that tells something about pittsburgh’s famous. i like what you have said about the poem not the poet, and the function follows form. evocative and deep in meaning.

  2. Evelyn said

    “meeting space too is sacred water”
    cant stop thinking about this line.

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