#450. standing under

December 31, 2010

under standing
that the eyes across
the room connecting new
year to old from then til then
again they promise shine the endless

still want
to learn to dance
with you

#449. blizzard steps

December 27, 2010

the snowy
tracks ghost
steps so lightly
over silver moon
shadows that echos
resound between tenses
of lives living lived to live
under the arbitrary pressure
in the endless new year coming

i cannot help counting the flakes
looking for duplicate crystals  

#448. winter solstice prep

December 19, 2010

in sensation
smoke curls
in cold whirl
oak door slam
ice spear drops
orange flames
bursts redsheen
friends all on a couch
blankets porcelain tea cups
dogs curled asleep on the floor 

#447. hello?

December 17, 2010

back from death
with no moderation
no logical filter
to keep the deeds
apart from true
words lovely
or not so

#446. unfolding the map

December 9, 2010

by choice
and happy
for the ties
that hold us
so comfortably
to the worn path
oblivion becomes sure

desiring the rough road 
banging on deep pot holes
feeling the high hard bumps
of awareness enter the Endless

#445. poetaph

December 7, 2010

old warrior
turned his battles
into poems
a legacy of beauty
from raw truths
moving in
time with the Endless.

#444. just the facts

December 4, 2010

if not
now then
later we think
and no one knows
what it is we do here
and why does that seem
more like where than when

#443. sweet

December 2, 2010


gotta go to bed ….

thanks for the dream





#442. mom

December 1, 2010

all those years
the fall wind through an open window
the white hood
your closed eyes silent staring at mine
which are yours

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