#421. learning

November 3, 2010

teach thyself 
rain enters That meadow
with the wildflowers
up from the earth
flamed colors

4 Responses to “#421. learning”

  1. slpmartin said

    Ah are you suggesting theat experience is a better teacher?

  2. zevstar said

    suggesting to myself that as a teacher i must return to the meadow of my own learning in order to be a better teacher

  3. Evelyn said

    “rain enters That meadow”
    Funny how a word like “that” changes everything…

    • zevstar said

      OFTEN I AM PERMITTED TO RETURN TO A MEADOW as if it were a scene made-up by the mind, that is not mine, but is a made place, that is mine, it is so near to the heart, an eternal pasture folded in all thought so that there is a hall therein that is a made place, created by light wherefrom the shadows that are forms fall.

      -robert duncan

      Sent from my iPad

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