#441. significator

November 28, 2010

time is not enough
nor is love alone
dreaming mind
combines now
then will be
the endless
in time
love passion
mind dreaming
alone now will be
not enough but alone
is the endless is enough


#440. nine

November 26, 2010

remembering     whisper
to move forward    deeply
makes sense of past   needs
times and joy of present   love  

a wolf and a hummingbird walked into a bar
one learned the music of her clear wing
one flies lightly through his howl

#439. the courage (for evelyn

November 22, 2010

our scars 
are for beauty
they are smooth
beneath the rough
no one seeks them out
but we never give them up

#438. tired and true

November 22, 2010

the facts
dont match the time
is running the river is too
dreams speed even faster to close
the day

burning winter
sharpening storms
underneath rose blue
sky and clouds shining
a swift green river down
seawards colors evaporating
rushing away today from tomorrow
the plank still flecked with paint
tosses its journey in time
with the world’s

#436. light in the woods

November 19, 2010

the day
to day alone
missing the time
spent with you smiling
across the live web world
time is well earned at work

i can see the sweet hair
curl on the back of your neck

#435. student

November 19, 2010

a smile for a tear
is the going rate this year
for power over self and love
and poetry of the soulful survivor

#434. lost

November 17, 2010

your rules
are the breadcrumbs
obsession is the hungry bird
who turns love into a dark dense woods
turn loose
the hunter from your
natural heart light the lamps
before you leave your warm safe house
your rules

#433. missing you

November 16, 2010

you must 
dreaming sweetly lay
imagination of lips and soft breath
and sleeping your words sing and play
goodnight daughter teach each other another day

#432. east river

November 14, 2010

o river i depend on 
your light grey sparkles green 
water running high
under the arched stone bridge
to power my glad 
heart but you keep your depths   
my secret search

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