#358. the light and the night

August 18, 2010

with the light
of the young all around
the darkness
still makes itself known

time crawling
from the birth of mind
then speeding
through immortal years

and exploding
as the endless becomes
so apparent
and rest approaches

with the light
of wisdom all around
the darkness
becomes beloved known

7 Responses to “#358. the light and the night”

  1. slpmartin said

    Really loved the way you characterized these stages of life.

  2. For some reason this poem really reminds me of paper dolls.

    You know? The ones we cut out when there are about a hundred sheets of paper. They end up looking like they’re holding hands.

    I feel like the young us (age 0) to the old us (death at 156 years shall we say?) are made up of a series of different people, hands gradually changing and losing touch with all the other versions of themselves.

    Way more introspection than you probably care to read, but I thought I would share what your poem inspired in my mind.

    Thanks for sharing with Word Press Land,

    • zevstar said

      never been against expressing introspection. (this blog is proof). i like the tralfamadorian view of both time and human being’s view of time. do you know the reference from slaughterhouse-5? thanks for stopping by and speaking up. like the paperdolls too.

  3. Evelyn said

    “As the endless becomes so apparent”
    I feel like this is exactly what I find soothing about the concept of coming to the end of life. This is the same feeling as “as I lay dying” on my blog.
    No end really

  4. zevstar said

    death is the gift of the endless

  5. zevstar said

    death is a gift. so is time.

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