#356. welcome to the die off

August 16, 2010

all the way
petrified in the petri dish
we eat each other
and choke on
our waste
the crashing
denying our own biology
doesnt matter as we
know from the lab
earth will live on
most of us

3 Responses to “#356. welcome to the die off”

  1. slpmartin said

    Well you’ve captured a future most don’t want to think about in these lines.

  2. Evelyn said

    “earth will live on
    most of us
    most of us? lol
    this reminds me of George Carlin talking about our hubris in thinking we can hurt the giant earth that has been alive since forever…
    just saying…
    not that I am against the environmental movement, I worked for campaigns for 4 years, but its soothing and unsettling at the same time that we are really a scar that would eventually disappear from the planet.

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