#353. new york walking cure

August 13, 2010

the corner
of this reality
over a stone steel
bridge half shrouded
in the rising east river mist
a cool song catches a tiny
breeze unhindered by
all the night noise
or drifting pot

suddenly the city shines
and my headache dissolves

4 Responses to “#353. new york walking cure”

  1. slpmartin said

    I so love the image in this one of the city…the mist under the bridge was very vivid to me.

  2. Is this a shape poem? Or are the ascending/descending line lengths/breaks a coincidence of composition? Just wondering—on its side it appears to be a support in the middle of a suspension span.

    • zevstar said

      I use the descending/ascending line lengths for a number of reasons. One of which is to force myself into a spare style which forces me to pack multiple leveled meaning into each word, line, stanza etc. Another is to allow the urban shapes into my poems in a sort of pollack unconscious painting way. I also find that by using this style I can create many poems within each poem.

  3. Evelyn said

    “suddenly the city shines
    and my headache dissolves ”
    love this

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