#350. me too you

August 10, 2010

even the subway
is quiet tonight
the sax player
on the platform
is taking five
the air is liquid
with summer heat
and the tourists
are subdued
by august
me too

5 Responses to “#350. me too you”

  1. Nobody writes about the city anymore. Why? It’s deeper than any mossy pond.

  2. Dhyan said

    i love the city
    not true
    i hate the city
    but love
    the images and stories it tells
    at any time of the day
    tried to catch some of them
    in my fists
    then with a fish line
    never had great success
    i am happy you

    • zevstar said

      i just treat the city like a wave at the beach. i let it move me as it will and use the movement for my own joy.
      thnks for yr comment

  3. slpmartin said

    I love the way you present the city and its images…not sure why more writers don’t write about the city.

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