#330. brightside

July 21, 2010

the whip falls hard
cracks my back
i hardly feel it
because of your eyes
and the calm
starryness within
their bright depths

#329. still

July 20, 2010


#328. end of day

July 19, 2010

passing out
my thoughts
drift away
your softness
my comfort
your breathy
sweet voice
a joyous lullaby

#327. evening

July 18, 2010

the air has stilled not cooled
sunday family strollers
content to find their rides
cars subway stairs down
tourist busses head up town
with late diners in cabs
making their last decision
of the weekend

my girl and i slow down
and let the dog lead us home

#326. commerce

July 17, 2010

dawn stalks me
and stalls my dreams
the red light breaks
my heart with its strength
the dog licks my toes
i rise and put myself together
for another drab day
of doing deals

the sweet evening seems so far off

#325. wordclay

July 16, 2010

poetry is a sweet mix up
of the senses

vision blurrd
bound by naught
sight as meant
to be seen

clarity as a concept

hazy how
time appears



alone in time
dont forget illusion
is the perception of a vacuum
in your own heart the chill of death
and that existence is any more than you make of it

i know that all i need
is to watch you laughing

#323. pleasure (for me

July 14, 2010

lost a day
at work by working
thru time
in the now all day

no lunch

home at last
a wonderful orange waiting

#322. eagle bone flute

July 13, 2010

the sunshine
flowing through
yr native eagle bone
flute with all the notes
stroking my skin and kissing
kissing kissing my spine and neck
i see the canyon breezes and smell
the waters rushing below
among the pinion

#321. chanty

July 12, 2010

walking around the battery
the horn of manhattan
i am struck by the difference
in the sensations of the two bodies
of water joining in new york harbor

east river is dark and rough
smelling of decay and creosote
my eyes are caught by bridges
that connect and divide singing
in the wind as big drops splash me

hudson estuary wide and bright
scented by salt and shad
there is no impediment to my vision
the water rolls and roils past
up to the mountains and down
past the narrows to the sea

here i am caught on the land
with the wind calling me to the sea
one day i will answer and i know
you will sail with me

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