beautiful oil gulf
cradle of oil so much life oil
the dolphins oil jump
whales breach oil and sing oil
and the oil reeds sway oil
birds oil sing and fly oil
oil fisherman pulls his oil nets
oil in the sun oil children
splash oil in the shallows oil
oil oil oil oil oil oil oil oil oil oil oil oil
oil oil oil oil oil oil oil oil oil oil oil oil
oil oil oil oil oil oil oil oil oil oil oil oil

was once the opium
of the masses
now it’s the crystal methamphetamine
of the tribes.

Hey America
“whatcha gonna do?”

#307. time to know

June 28, 2010

with friends
the sun shines
but the clouds come
and the rain is a relief
leading everyone home
with the red sun set
the evening chill
brings back
the joy

green shoot
growing in the diamond
sand learning healing
dancing smoke
in the wind off the sea

been a rough saturday for folks
enjoying a day in the city
tempers flare as the train rolls
cool as tickets are punched
good young conductor knows
his stuff woodside next gets us
all under way to queens
jamaica night air puff
and a change sitting
higher now as the points
sound under the car lulls
most to sleep i pop a redstripe
tallboy on the way to babylon
marley comes on pandora barely
random as the dreamers trainsong
dreams roll parallel tracks over
diagonal streets as the sea scent
of bayshore gusts in the open
door old villages ensphered
by decaying suburbia blending
past sayville patchogue on
to something approaching the wild
groans of the uneasy dozer
behind me where imagination
allows a view my window
cant reflect on tomorrows rest
a piano melodically crashing
thru the pine barrens out
beyond mastic beach station
i hear the girls harmonizing
waiting for me to arrive in a few
guess the doze got me too
no matter because the quiet
comes on rolling beautiful past
invisible as i finish my beer
with a gentle rustle of paper bag
speonk is shed with fragrant air
filling the remaining travelers who
eye the promising deep and dark
excitement blowing thru west hampton
the hampton bays next to build up
my happiness for south hampton
and the warm north sea house
and everyone that means
the train can finish its route
without me

#304. tat tvam asi

June 25, 2010

the hummingbirds wing
in musical flight reflect
new levels of your laughing
worrying heart reveal

#303. yr new iphone

June 24, 2010

and pressed
more than human
more than an apple
reconnected dizzy life
dancing fingers eyes spirit

#302. south street walk

June 23, 2010

summer leaves
crisping not
air dense
as a rye bread
baking on lower
east side
up and out
bodies disperse
finding spaces
to catch
dream floats
across the starry
river where brooklyn
she smiles
cooling us
walkers at night

#301. rain delay

June 22, 2010

the ever changing east river today
slate grey slate green white topped
waves overtopping the boardwalk
while the limestone and granite
towers and span of brooklyn bridge
stands a silent watch over me
alive singing in a driving rain
as my dog waits patiently to go home

#300. harbor reach

June 21, 2010

out in the harbor
the noise recedes
fades into the ancient
sounds of wind on sails
water slapping the hull
time is changed
my spirit lifts in the breeze

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