#275. BP

May 27, 2010

british petroleum
has brought us death
as have other violators
of the earth

but i drive a car
and havnt given up
any real part
of my user lifestyle

so i ask myself
am i a selfish bastard
or will i change
thru thoughtful grateful sacrifice

we all need to ask
and act or accept
being killers and ultimately

shrimp dolphins
and brown pelicans
dont get our choice

4 Responses to “#275. BP”

  1. hames1977 said

    this is a timely poem. responsibly written and confronts us to face the reality that we don’t have the liberty of living a lifestyle that endangers another living form. i like this poem.

  2. we all take advantage of what is available to us on any given day. This is a given.
    What irritates me is that I will get a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt and BP never had to install a much needed safety valve, like all other countries with rigs blasting out crude oil. The govt let BP go with the honor system! Ha!

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