#249. two girls (for jack kerouac

May 1, 2010

two girls
thirty-six hours
smell drink laugh
beckoning poems
as i die

2 Responses to “#249. two girls (for jack kerouac”

  1. I dig this poem. To me, in my present inebriated state, it says, how when your growing older you see two young girl so full of life, future ahead of them and you’re getting ready to calcify and exit the world, you remember how once you’d have slept with maybe both those young girls when you were as young and fresh as they are, and maybe not appreciated it finding trivial fault, measuring them against your fantasies at the time.
    Al of ‘Kerouac Beat_Happening’

    • zevstar said

      I can see yr point of view. When I wrote it, I think I was kind of thinking of that moment in K’s book “Dharma Bums” ( i think it was DB) where he writes that pretty girls lead to death, bexause sex leads to babies who eventually must die. But I see yr point too. Thanks for the view! point!

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