#279. memory day

May 31, 2010

war death waste

as the long lines fall
from life to memory
corners turned or never
to be turned again

grandchildren thrive
alive in another string
the universe sings

#278. so long obi wan

May 30, 2010

not having had
the masterclass today
i remember to notice
more dearly more
clearly the shadows
silhouettes and highlights
of sun at play on the waters
of the east river crinkling
dancing through me connected
in waves found in time
to show me a masterway
my ghosted way

trees entwined
apart and
sea silver
in the fire of the moon
and the stars
and the sun
quietly sleeping below
mountains beckoning clearly
through the air

this is the home
we have created and found
created and bound

alone is no longer lonely

#276. nap too

May 28, 2010

waves of space time
changing my beliefs
restoring my old
clear dreams
my mind gone
blown away
gone for

sometimes answers
question without asking
and i am able to rest

#275. BP

May 27, 2010

british petroleum
has brought us death
as have other violators
of the earth

but i drive a car
and havnt given up
any real part
of my user lifestyle

so i ask myself
am i a selfish bastard
or will i change
thru thoughtful grateful sacrifice

we all need to ask
and act or accept
being killers and ultimately

shrimp dolphins
and brown pelicans
dont get our choice

desire is always coming
commingling with the sea
in us all
the frothing waves
that sweep
us further into the future
than our past limits our desire
is always coming

#273. nap

May 25, 2010

aging making
room for those
i will never know
how the cycles bring
me hope and connection
between my heart and head

sometimes questions
answer me without asking
and i am able to rest

#272. ketchup

May 24, 2010

between disease
and bliss

i choose
the cheeseburger universe
one day
and gentle infinity
the next

catch up
works in both

#271. telescope

May 23, 2010

refract and distort
or reflect and flip
turn left or right
each decision
a universe
in which we each
may live
just in time

#270. love inhabits

May 22, 2010

love inhabits me
the ghosted peals
of bells that have rung
yesterday and again
tomorrow they will ring
that i might recognize
the silence between us
as the living for each breath
together that is our fire

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