i am the caretaker
of my father’s tears
my mother’s clay face
doused his fire
the grass grows long
over her ashes

oh death
the changes you bring
are hard to bear
but those same changes
are hope and beauty

the air is somehow
sweeter now

#247. one for stephanie

April 29, 2010

ram me hard
i have the room
for another bruise
turning to flowers
under my skin
it’s okay

#246. for mae

April 28, 2010

i wanna butterflower
for power and dreams

i wanna hold you bright
and now

may all yr sleep be deep
and fresh.

i remember yr eyes
blue not green
flecks of gold.

#245. three day rain

April 27, 2010

the edge
of the storm
is sharp blue
lightening against deep grey

clear air
crying birds
full rushing river
sweeping past the pier pilings

worth the wait

#244. headache

April 26, 2010

like a question
mark exclaiming
points inside my skull

thank you for your cool hands

#243. lovely storm

April 25, 2010

the rain curtain
falls on a quiet city tonight
white granite becomes thunder
black is split with jagged lightning
roiled clouds grey against dark grey
against deep grey is beauty flying above
the east river and brooklyn bridge knows we
are aware of each other and our comingling dreams

#242. hearth

April 24, 2010

in the glisten of evening
my girls return my spirit
to the life that remains
mine to share

water slaps
earth groans
metal squeals
wood creaks
flame snaps

forward through
memories to come

open to the sky
brothers still brothers
our moments are ours
shared sharp sure

brothers no matter
the present
our childhood remains

#240. grey wing

April 22, 2010

my long
day following
the flight of a gull
from the balcony railing
wheeling past a thousand
blind windows riding the spring
wind with wings fully outstretched
quavering catching the updraft sailing
over the east river beyond the high towers
of the brooklyn bridge out of sight i feel again

#239. vision kiss

April 21, 2010

the way
to the wisdom of us
is the grey grey view
through the quiet rain
droplets change common space
time splashes into deep puddles
perceptions create a realm
where clarity and mystery
kiss and tell under the overpass

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