#193. Th Woman (last piece)

March 6, 2010

Th woman
as paint
the pure lines of body
breast hip navel.
the pure lines of face
cheek nose eye.

all colors change sparkles
all colors real


i sing angel with iggy pop
yr loveslaps

i dance naked.

later we fuck beautiful.
sweat is the endless sea.


Th woman
as man
i’m not pushing
or pulling yr rib.

i kiss yr hand.


The closed world of us in a car
at night.
dense and sweet against
the bitter chocolate world.
Touch the cold windshield
turned to ice.

Wake to morning thunder.

Th woman
over now.

5 Responses to “#193. Th Woman (last piece)”

  1. BFG said

    quite real, feel like it is now. nice work with the immediacy here – at least I feel it.

    • zevstar said

      thank you so much. i will be posting the whole piece soon in the section ‘Th Woman’ on my blog. it means alot to me that it feels immediate to you as it is an old piece finished about 18 years ago.

  2. Evelyn said

    “The closed world of us in a car
    at night.”
    this is a poem all by itself.
    “the bitter chocolate world.”
    brilliant description
    “Wake to morning thunder.
    something about this, the pounding…

  3. is this the order the pieces would be in if it was presented as one large poem?

  4. zevstar said

    yes. it is one long piece.

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