#143. Th Woman (for Lo

January 15, 2010

Th Woman (for Lo

a new solution
lace and stone
smooth delicate
and tough
as the world

come to know. to fly.
come to come.

as naked lover
where can we go in the chase?

awkward movement
dance awkward
slow dance trance.

deal the drink
drive to the arms!

no damn cure no dumb pain.

feeling clumsy, can see everyone
with there show clothes off.
all the people going to painted pants
and lacquered moans, home.

cover yr eyes
and make you.

3 Responses to “#143. Th Woman (for Lo”

  1. Evelyn said

    no damn cure no dumb pain.”
    I like how “cure” gets the strong curse and “pain” gets devalued with a weaker word, like “dumb”

  2. zevstar said

    i like the word ‘dumb’ because its strength comes from having two meanings that are interchangeable….stupid and silent

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