#136. the old lumberyard

January 8, 2010

as a kid
i hit a ball
with my ‘lil roberto’
louisville slugger
it was still going up
as it rotated and sang
out of the yard
over the bushes
thru the green leaves
of the apple orchard trees
towards the pale blue pittsburgh sky.
we knew that ball was gone
didnt even look for it.
i still have the bat.

2 Responses to “#136. the old lumberyard”

  1. wkkortas said

    If you have one bat, it should have the signature of The Great One on it. Lovely, evocative piece of writimg.

    • zevstar said

      I have a mini bat from the late 60’s. from a bat day at forbes field. i louisville slugger which is a lil roberto bat. one of my prize possessions.

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