red dreamer
dreamin’ in red
letting the heart poems out
from soul to head
red dreamer
sleeping in bed
sweet visions tonight
all fears fled.

blue dreamer
dreamin’ in blue
shaping the soul poems go
from deep in the pool
blue dreamer
knowing life’s rule
life is suffering
all the Endless school.

golden dreamer
dreamin’ in gold
building the mind poems high
from thoughts to soul
gold dreamer
creating so boldly
the visions and dreams
all crowns told.

#158 Th Woman (more)

January 30, 2010

Th woman
to curl cool
nourish plant poet wolf

the red rises flaunts
her stuff passion
as flame

as soil
city bred heavy
as the fine reggae bass

turns all fantasy sails
into elementals
as air


curve into lust
a round
lust oil
desire finds the sun
tan worlds.

#157. Between

January 29, 2010

the grey rivers
alive with ghosts
the fishing boats
have pulled away
from the port
the market the battery
long ago gone
with the kids
on the concrete beaches
of the island
to grow up and live
to thrive and die and haunt us
between the grey rivers
that lead to the sea
that liberated our spirits
when they were our ancestors

#156. Once a tom cat

January 28, 2010

once a cat licked the mortal dust from its fur
groomed down through time and his own fate
knowing purrs emanate pure disinterest in his own

once a poet cast a shining eye on the world’s web
grew up through time a wide understanding of beauty
truth a delicate force ensphering other creators
in the endless.

who is to tell what is once and what is still to come?

#155. Snow Motion

January 27, 2010

across snow
creating parallel lines.
near enough to
our new life
to cause my tears to freeze
in thier ducts.

Lovely crystals shine prisms
to calm and delight me.

#154. I see you

January 26, 2010

I see you
with a long long scarf
floating in the breeze of my dreams
waking or sleeping
it’s hard to tell these days.

You are out
there and that for some reason
of love gives me wild strength
and hope and joy.

Fuck Depression!

I love you
and that cannot be
requited or not.

#153. sara

January 25, 2010

the job
has me
in the bones
but the smile
the moment
with you
has my back
and forth i go again.

#152. tom’s market

January 24, 2010

infinite poem express
tom’s market
dense as a ryebread spring
in the Endless lower east side
below delancey
ghost pushcarts
alter cockers
chinese slippers
roar of the f train
below the grates.

american memory
in absentia
Rush the clown
runs down the rabbit hole
a belief in anything for a buck
our problems are a result
of conservative design
devolution serves the right
media hypes typecast
our culture enspheres
the globe believes
and as it believes
it kills even while it tries to heal
and rush the clown
flushes the chumps
who provide him
with a super-deluxe
rabbit hole.

#150. Hey Adam (winter

January 22, 2010

Hey Adam (winter

in all the shadowy absences
of a barren season shine highlights.
things shared remain more than memory.
inspiration does not allow sorrow
to remain
nor does spring allow winter.

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