#118. Four Piekus

December 21, 2009


Fish may be serene
like they have all the answers.
But they can’t eat pie.


Rain falls steadily.
Where did the cicadas go?
Cherry pie beckons.


Autumn leaves are sad.
Pie enters tummy.


Search deeply The Endless.
Do you have room in your life
for pie?

2 Responses to “#118. Four Piekus”

  1. zevstar said

    Are you familiar with the poetic form; the “Pieku”?

    This form was invented by John Bridges, artist and former manager of my former bakery’s former cafe. Many of these piekus are in my possesion, some were written by John, some by myself, some by other staffers of the now defunct Blue Wolff Desserts. I am pretty sure the “fish pieku” is John’s but the others?
    Eat! Fress! Mange!

  2. ha! totally different feel to this post.

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