#108. Configuring The SpaceTimeRealm

December 11, 2009

on the wave
slipping below
the line.

we applaud
that which has just passed
to extend the moment
that was.

the unborn ghosts
of time ensphere us
making us late
when we show up early.

the thing
about bubbles
is that they almost never
always last.

4 Responses to “#108. Configuring The SpaceTimeRealm”

  1. tom clark said

    Lovely final stanza double-take, all too true, and then again… all too true.

    Enjoying your poems very much and also our exchanges. To make it easier for people to get to you from my blog I’ve just now put up a link to yours.

  2. Aditya said

    Very true, Zevstar. I liked the portrayal of the moment you talk of.


  3. Aditya said

    Ahh naaa .. I think I could comprehend what you meant.

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