#128. old one (for rich

December 31, 2009

old one
going new one
on its way
all the people need a change
least ways that’s what they say.
lake is frozen over
except for a snow covered spot
that’s the place i find
a lot.

a blue moon lights the way.

#127. evening fragment

December 30, 2009

the east river is running cold tonight light shivers in a stiff breeze
the frozen grinding stones of the bridge hold travelers steady
so they turn to a warm home where singing life waits
the spirits thrive and the small gold hound snores.

dipping in the bright flow hence
i reach back to you writer crossing
the river on the misty steamer planking
to fulton we slice and dip through the spirit mist
and i pluck a gift for myself for this
and the glimpse of my place in it.

#125. Brainsavers

December 28, 2009

i surf
the evermounting wave
each night
time traveling
until the dream
turns to dawn
and i awake
in the future.

#124. the timeless endless

December 27, 2009

of old men and women
are never really old except
that a shadow is entire
from navel
to crown
from root
to creation
from timeless
to endless

#123. biomagic (for dominique

December 26, 2009

a little bang
goes a long way
the big bang is going further than further
and you and we and me
all strive to continue
thru poems kids vids art job
to out last
all magic
all biology
just a made up word
here in The Finginning.

#122. sara

December 25, 2009


sometimes when i look at you
in my eye or in my mind

i feel like the paint
is still wet on my life

the possibilities that you
gift to me

are brighter each truly conscious
moment ensphered with you

so that all joy pain mirth and sorrow
dwell interior to my spirit

in the soft
cold evening of ghostly
new york
all the citizens and characters
bump and tumble
into each other
down subways and out
store doors
feeling their
joyous anxious way
they slip into the holy
anonymity of treasures
and pain that they find at home
or on the streets.
in the morning the ghosts are gone again.

#120. Community Of Hardship

December 23, 2009

Community of hardship.

fighting the civil
war has never
thought it was over.

full of the ghosts
of prosperity past
fearful present
and future dust
must find the redemption
the revolution
to be found
in the whirlwind
of our families
and friends.

winter is here
spring is coming.

#119. No Way

December 22, 2009

No Way

to explain
why you are the best
Tat tvam asi.
That thou art.
It is enough.

The trees that rustle outside the terrace
agree with me.

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