remembering a teacher

active reflection
of water stars off
the niagara

#96. Repousse’ (for april

November 29, 2009

Well formed.
In relief
with the sweetness of silver
or gold
or bronze
copper also.
It is so much labor
to start from tar
and hammered metal.

So bright the pattern
so bright the smith.

#95. the human lullaby

November 28, 2009

the human lullaby

the sixth great extinction
is a wave
we ride on the arrogant surfboard
of our mastery of everything
and everyone
but ourselves

nighty night

#94. No Matter

November 27, 2009

No Matter

the cobwebs               spider groceries
all return to the corners
of the basement
my apartment
that blacks out with me
and smiles at the thought of you
also constricts
my urge to scream
and tear away
this veil of conformity.

#93 The Secret Names Of Women

November 26, 2009

The Secret Names Of Women

are as magnets or aphrodisiacs to me.
The flush and rush
of intimacy
new found first kiss
makes my skin
I need the gentle nipple erection ecstasy
new born beneath my thumb
to decipher the vast NOW
of desire and joy.

And then comes that moment
when She relaxes and enjoys Herself.
Wholly and Holy
Goddess and Woman
Maiden and Mistress
all women and herself only.
In that moment
I know her secret name.
And sometimes
so does she.

#92. A Propensity

November 25, 2009

A Propensity

It’s been no time and all time.
a frail ink tears out of my pen
to rain this page
with the sere memory of you
and knowing that our days passed by
as the quick game of pool we’ve played
over a beer and a shot of Jack;
I’ll see you on the dust-kicked road
to Greece and a hermitage that you
would share with me.
Rather than lose the wars,
they settled on the spoils of boredom.
Rather than lose faith,
they twisted your spine
into a hangman’s knot to die
(and die)
in the corner by your restless jacket.
It’s been no time and all time.

#91. good night

November 24, 2009


to have someone
who says goodnight
and to feel the weight
of that passion pressed
upon my own unguarded
desire is to comprehend the endless.

#90. Ghost Words Of New York

November 23, 2009

Frog and toe
another stretch
a spark
red oliver
the ogles.

New York City
another year
a diamond
gold moon
the eyes.

#89. Fragrant

November 22, 2009


Fragrant is the flower
you give
for my spirit to know.

Gentle is the caress
you have brought
to my heart.

Lovely the vision
as you walk
across the floor to me.

Melodic is the song
you have played
in my body tonight.

Sweet is the taste
you have left
on my tongue.

#88. Journalism Dog

November 21, 2009

What life is this life
why has it dropped here
who may survive it
with out knowing when
or how high?

My dog gives my foot a happy lick
not caring about my good deeds
or shame.

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