#66. Hey Adam (More Ghosts of New York

October 30, 2009

Hey Adam

the city my
city our
city awakens
bright lightshafts
illumine the golden graffitti
the shifting Harlem River
then the Hudson
multi-hued october palisades
every leaf a spirit
this home.

Hey Adam

Home is behind you
riding backwards toward
letting go
so the leaves
can fall
find thier own home
and the spring to come.

Hey Adam

So this city
lives on
a train going through it
I still can feel you
riding beside me
you and all the others
into the Endless.

7 Responses to “#66. Hey Adam (More Ghosts of New York”

  1. zevstar said

    For my friend Adam Petrelli.

  2. Sara said

    Adam’s spirit lives on in all those who
    loved him.

  3. laurie said

    ah, ze’ev!

  4. Hi Zev,
    I am truly at a loss for words. You, your thoughts, your heart, your soul, your depth, your freindship, your love for Adam all explode in your words. You have touched Adam, me and others to our very core. As Adam’s dad, I thank you for all you mean to him. I thank you for truly knowing him. I thank you for Adam and myself. You have a God given talent. And it is very special.
    My very best to you always.

    • zevstar said

      tony & shonya
      thank you for your words.
      there’s more poetry to come.
      i am in the middle of a large poetry project.
      it is a major piece for me.
      maybe my masterpiece.
      and adam is a part of it.
      his eye for life.
      and his thirst for it.
      informs this work.

  5. Evelyn said

    “Home is behind you
    riding backwards toward
    letting go”
    this made me teary…

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