#57. Like A Dog

October 21, 2009

Like a dog

which is the meaning
of the Greek root for cynic
and I would like to thank
those twenty-two or four or more
year old cynics who adhere to that definition
of being one who believes that human conduct is totally motivated by self-interest
for they have shown me that I am also a cynic
but one who believes as did the ancient Greek school
of Cynic philosophers who held that Virtue
is the Only Good
and its essences are independence and self-control.

Like a dog who sniffs at the passersby
lost or hungry
affection starved
independent but longing for a change
you get mean
or you get meaning.

In other words
I am giving up
the distrust of my youth (when I knew everything
for the trust necessary for the spiritual
search for truth.

to answer those cynics
who will say that I will fail
though they will pose it as the question
what if I fail? I can only paraphrase
Monty Python
from ‘The Life of Brian’,
you come from nothing, you go to nothing,
so what have you got to lose?

One Response to “#57. Like A Dog”

  1. Sara said

    In the words of John Cleese, “You English pig-dog K-nig-it”!!!

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