#37. Mr. Ed

October 3, 2009

Remember how
when as little little kids
he’d give
us some small job
to do.
Like organizing the pop bottles
in the basement of the old Congress Market
and however much you did it was enough.
No judgment but thanks.
he used to make egg nog for the customers
at christmas.
He put such sweet energy into
that punch
of course no one could make it
like him.
Once, to make me feel included with the guys,
he labelled a can of beer (falstaff)
and put it away for 7 or 8
years until I was twenty-one.
I loved the way he kissed my neck
when we hugged.

At sunset and at dawning
the shadows are long.
Even at noon or midnight
Uncle Eddie’s shadow
is long in my life.

I love him always.
I miss him too much.

One Response to “#37. Mr. Ed”

  1. zevstar said

    I wrote this shortly after my Uncle Ed passed. I am posting it for his grandaughter, my cousin, Sarah. She and I both had dreams about him recently.

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