#9. Feeling The Need

September 4, 2009

Feeling the need
To finish up.

Safer than running
From the smoke.

I saw myself
On the 6 train
Near canal
Only thirty years gone
Since then.

The memory of my father
Returns to me
As I relax
In the palace
Of weariness.

For a heart to murmur
Heeding the Crown.

He’s dancing in the ocean with donuts on his head.
Playing a triangle

Machines gasping meat
Grasping the hudson ferris
Turning into returning.
Living at altitude
Subterranean Traveling
Hearing my young voice.
My old voice translates.

The years are fast and
I am moving towards dust
The perfect bride
Entering my house
After the long week
Now gone candle soft
Burning down
To rest
No prayer needed
Just prayer

One Response to “#9. Feeling The Need”

  1. Evelyn said

    “Hearing my young voice.
    My old voice translates.”
    This is very wistful yet accepting.

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