#7. The Heart

September 2, 2009

The heart is a grief cauldron of infinite capacity
No thunderstorm monsoon or gentle rain will ever fill it
The wind barely defines its shape
The sun finds no corners to illuminate
The universe holds it not.

Friends can taste the pain season and stir with company
Only lost children distanced brothers and dead parents can empty it
But a partner makes it transparent known and beautiful.

The heart is a joy tapestry of mysterious strength
No loom or pointed needle will ever bind it
Its threads tightly weave it
Its colors serve to direct the senses
The warmth of its pattern serves whomever it covers.

2 Responses to “#7. The Heart”

  1. Evelyn said

    I could have sworn I commented on this one already since its so packed with powerful images…grief cauldron, joy tapestry.

  2. zevstar said

    i think that i may have posted this one twice

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