#34. The Locust Years

September 30, 2009

The locust years

To love
and to know
you love

that is joy and almost enough.

To know
and love
you love

that is enough joy.

Have you started to pack?
World’s started to burn.

#33. A Shy Song

September 28, 2009

A Shy Song

It feels so enduring
within your bed
that it endears you
within my heart.

You cross your arms
and lithely turn
your back enticing
my arousal.

Like the years
which are to come
you invite me within
and I can barely wait.

#32. This is

September 27, 2009

This is

the us which is,
which lives.

Our lives
now shout with surprise.

We are surprised
only to find peace.

And yet peace
it tosses us

a tempest, you, us
I and the form

which is a new form
and is a delight.

Let the years delight
and Begin!

#31. In Joy

September 27, 2009

In Joy

she holds my hand
the left
more sensuous one
and offers me her lips
as if it were the beginning
of the world
and they the leaves of of the Tree
of Knowledge.

In joy
she cups her breast
the more
sensitive one
and offers it to my lips
as if it were the beginning
of the world
and the glistening Garden.

In joy
she completes us
and so do I
offering our lips
as if it were the beginning
of the world
and we were with our kisses
planting the fruit of the Tree of Life.

#30. Seasoned

September 25, 2009

The bells chime
Randomly calling out
Summer’s end
Cheerful in the moment
Melancholy as the tone
Draws out.
The leaves rustle dryly
Although their color
Is still green
We lay with no covers
In the evening
But the cool night pulls us together
Under the wool.

#29. More Ghosts of New York

September 25, 2009

The first ones
Jostling in the pushcart streets
For their american unborns.
Measuring the nations
Patterning their dresses.
Remembering the pale
Their own ghosts
Walking hundreds of miles
To get home from war.
To make their children in peace
A moment before the creation of more ghosts.

#28. Transient

September 23, 2009

Sun shines
then it hides
northern arc
will follow me
no matter
where i go
so heat and light
are mine
earned or not
here and there
and so i love the moon.

#27. In the evening

September 22, 2009

In the evening

evening evening
close dusk air
somehow makes me
aware of how much
how difficult
how long
you will
be gone gone gone
and just
how sweet your return
will could be
if I just remember how you we are
In the evening
evening evening.

#26. Summer Day

September 22, 2009

Summer Day

and enjoyment spreads clear
as the day is bright and blue.

summer day
and sidewalk waves rise shivering
as chairs hold oblivious drinkers.

summer day
and green park cools kids dogs
as restless homeless rest wary.

summer day
and car metal hot smells burns rubber
as they pass the jazz band tightly playing.

summer day
and the garden fountain to be sings sprays Erato
as you brush against me languid perfect.

#25. Winslow

September 21, 2009

The iron chef…today’s secret ingredient….human.

Cast offs

Pale yellow liquer.

Take Out Takes.


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